356 x 292 Pixel Digital Camera Storage Module



RamCam™ RCM-2-BW Monochrome Module

by Spectronix

The RAMCAM RCM-2-BW module combines a high integration CMOS Image sensor with a high speed frame capture storage RAM.  The module is a fully functional digital storage camera with 356 x 292 pixel resolution.



The RAMCAM RCM-2-BW module is a low cost digital storage camera module for industrial, OEM and machine vision tasks.  The module is built around VLSI Vision's VV5404 CMOS image sensor which provides 356 x 292 pixel monochrome images.  These sensors provide direct control over gain, frame rate, frame start and exposure settings.   

The module is unique since it combines a CMOS imaging module and a high speed image capture circuit. The module interfaces to a host computer or micro-controller via a standard memory bus interface.  Additional control signals such as interrupts are also provided.  The RAMCAM module offloads developers from having to develop a high speed frame acquisition circuit and eliminates the need to embed costly image memory within the host controller.

The RAMCAM RCM-2-BW is constructed using 4 layer PCB throughout and is very rugged.  The lens mount is grounded to a terminal to provide static protection to the imager device.  The module comes complete with 4.3mm lens and professional lens mount with lens lock down screw.  Other sized lens are also available using standard 12 x .5mm standard CCD lens.


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Product Pictures ....

Production Unit

Part #RCM-2-BW (Monochrome)

Side view of production unit showing 1/2" standoffs between boards.. Back view of production unit showing 2mm ribbon cable connector.

*Proudly Manufactured in the USA !!

Datasheet for RAMCAM™

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