All pictures produced by the RC-2-BW module.  A RAMCAM module was used to acquire the image. Note that JPEG compression has decreased the original sharpness of the first two images.  All subsequent images are BMP format which requires BMP image support on your browser (i.e. Microsoft Explorer).

JPG Converted Monochrome Images:

Images produced by RC-2-BW module. These images were taken in florescent lighting and used a standard CCD lens.

Image of Engineer making adjustments to the RC-2-BW unit.


BMP Monochrome Images (Your viewer must accept BMP files for you to view these)

Children's Play Toy in sunlit room

Interesting Experiment:  Taking a picture with a sunlit window behind the person.  Not a good photography technique!  Note, however, that the CMOS imager continues to image the persons face.  See next picture below left.

Experiment Result:  When the gain and exposure levels are turned down, the image within the saturated portion of the office image above appears.  By adjustment of gain and exposure, full dynamic range of image can be mapped beyond 8 bit range..

Looking out a window.  Fine exposure control adjustment is used for outdoor environment.  Coarse adjustment is typically placed at minimum level when using monochrome sensor outdoors.

Fine detail is achieved using monochrome sensors.

The fan was spinning at medium speed.  Stop motion capability is easily achieved with the sensor.  Some distortion of the blade straightness is apparent in this picture.  This distortion can be further minimized by adjusting gain to maximum and setting exposure to minimum.